OK Dinghy Carbon Masts

10254979_831331130219764_2747939176269233962_n 10534178_831331116886432_4683120022534521953_nTo date we have built 5 carbon OK dinghy masts and are about to start building a new batch. We have been very happy with the bend characteristics we have achieved to date but will be further refining the masts this autumn with a view to having three standard masts available to buy this coming winter. The masts will come available as a soft, medium and stiff section.

The intention of the 2015 development is to very slightly stiffen our fore-aft bend above the deck and increase the bend slightly below deck level. We believe that we can improve the transition and balance of the rig between sailing upwind and downwind making for a very competitive rig.

All our masts are built using High Modulus pre-preg Carbon fibre with a carbon sail track which both works to stiffen the mast above deck level and ensures that the sail track cannot “peel off” the mast tube. They also look amazing with their full carbon weave finish. We supply our masts fully rigged with halyard, halyard lock, halyard tidy, boom bolt and lead correctors.

Anyone interested in a new mast for 2015 please contact Simon now on +44 (0) 1473 809298 or simon@synergymarine.co.uk.